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Formula Super Moped

Bikes for rent in Dominical and Uvita

Our rental bikes are the perfect choice.

Here's everything you need to know.

Our Bikes

We have two bikes ready to take you wherever you want. They are comfortable and run on gasoline. They’re ready to take you far without complications!

Clear and Simple Rate

Our rental is easy to understand. For just $40 per day, you can enjoy a bike for a full 24 hours.

Flexible Schedule

Start your adventure whenever you like. If you rent a bike at 9 in the morning, you’ll have until 9 in the morning the next day to return it. So, there’s no rush, enjoy your trip at your own pace.

Security Deposit

For your peace of mind, we require a security deposit. You can choose to leave a credit card or your passport. This is just a precaution and will be returned to you when you return the bike in perfect condition.

Technical Specifications

The Super Formula Moped bikes are motorized bicycles that retain the ability to be pedaled and do not require a license.

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If you want to book the side-by-side just email us at

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